Why do we need QSFP to Mini SAS and Mini SAS HD cables?

2020-03-09 10:26:58

Storage Area Network is a computer network which provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage. SAN has a very strong ability and shows the high performance, so many enterprises build SAN to meet the data storage requirement. SAN has many excellent advantage, such as  increasing storage utilization and effectiveness, simplifying storage administration and adding flexibility. A simple figure shows the topology of SAN.


Figure 1

Typically, in a normal SAN, a fibre channel switch, and some kinds of storage devices, such as SSD, RAID or JOBD are baisic equipment. But how can we connect them to each other? In general, we need DAC or optical fibers.

Considering the speed of most enterprise-level, the date rate must be at least 40Gb/s. So if there is a 40G switch with QSFP interface and storage devices with SAS interface, how can they connect to each other? A QSFP to Mini SAS cable is the answer. 


A typical application

To build a SAN, we need a set of equipment. For example, a server, a FC switch, SAS storage devices, a Ethernet switch, a iSCSI target and so on. Just as the below figure shows.




Figure 2

As for the storage part, we choose the Arista 7050QX Series Network Switch(DCS-7050QX-32S), and SAS storage devices. Arista 7050QX Series Network Switch has several 40GbE QSFP+ interface, and it need to connect to the SAS storage devices, which could be RAID or JBOD. In order to interconnect to different kinds of interface, a QSFP to Mini SAS HD cable is needed. Like the figure 3 shows, the QSFP connector insert into the FC switch while the Mini SAS SFF-8644 connector connect with SAS devices.


Figure 3

10Gtek®’s QSFP to External Mini SAS HD cable is fully compliant to the latest QSFP MSA and the latest SAS 3.0 standard. The cable supports all current 40 Gigabit Ethernet standards. This QSFP to External Mini SAS HD cable is guaranteed to perform at data rates of 10 Gb/s per lane and features a pull-tab on both ends of SFF-8644 and QSFP+ connectors. As the product of 10Gtek®’s optical transceivers, the QSFP connector of QSFP to Mini SAS HD cable has the overall compatibility of major transceiver brand. 

Besides QSFP to External Mini SAS HD cable, 10Gtek® also provide QSFP to External Mini SAS cable, which owns SFF-8088 connector. Compared to QSFP to External Mini SAS HD cable, the QSFP to External Mini SAS cable is fully compliant to the latest QSFP MSA and the latest SAS 2.0 standard. 10Gtek®’s QSFP to Mini SAS/Mini SAS HD cable show excellent performance and promise the signal integrity.


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